Expertise in wine
since 1920

For more than a century, we have mastered the art of wine expertise,
carried by generations of knowledge, passion and craftsmanship.

About us

At “De Waal, Zey & Engels,” we embrace a legacy of wine expertise dating back to 1920. For more than a century we have been a reliable partner for wineries from various producing countries, accompanying carefully selected importers for successful distribution.

De Waal Zey Engels Over Ons

This is how we proceed

De Waal Zey Engels Selectie met Zorg

Selection with care

Our experienced experts take the time to carefully select the best wineries from different producing countries.

De Waal Zey Engels Marktgerichte oplossing

Market-oriented solutions

Listening to your needs, we develop customized plans that seamlessly match market needs.

De Waal Zey Engels Duurzame partnerships

Sustainable partnerships

Our collaborations are based on mutual trust, integrity and a shared passion for wine.

Timeless wine expertise

Growing generation after generation into a valued broker and appraiser in wine

De Waal, Zey & Engels is a member of the Royal Dutch Association of Wine Merchants (KNVW)