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W. de Waal founded the wine trading agency. In those days, Dutch importers asked our agency to find a certain wine for them. Gradually our role changed since several wine estates asked us to represent them on the Dutch market. 





His son, university graduate Bernard de Waal took over the trading activities. With a growing demand from foreign wine estates looking for importers, his reputation grew. Soon he was nicknamed ‘Grand Cru of the Dutch winetrade’ and became the first sworn winebroker and appraiser. 

Rob Zey became owner after several years of close collaboration with Bernard de Waal. He too was given the title of sworn winebroker and appraiser and was closely involved in the activities of the Dutch Wine Academy, both as teacher and examiner. He also held different positions in organisations of the winetrade. 




Marnix Engels became shareholder after working in the winetrade for 20 years. His know-how was confirmed by his official title as professional broker and appraiser in wine. The organisation changed during the course of time and played a different role in proposing solutions that complied with the market’s demands.


Working at the agency since 1999, Frédéric van der Mijnsbrugge became owner of the company in 2018. With his background in marketing and his years of experience at the agency, he has contributed to a renewed position in the market for many of our suppliers. 


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